ERWITT, Elliott: Snaps. [COLLECTORS EDITION HARDCOVER]. With London und New York Phaidon 2001 26.8 x 18.8 cm. Silver gelatin proof (202 x 254 mm); 543 pp. with numerous photographic illustrations, 1 unn. P. in original cloth binding (185 x 155 mm). Original linen box (32 x 24 x 6.5 cm)

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  • DE LUXE EDITION. - No. 212 of 250 copies of the special edition, signed and numbered by E. Erwitt on the title, with enclosed signed and numbered silver gelatin print of a photograph of Marilyn Monroe in mounted envelope. Elliott Erwitt (b. 1928), one of the leading photographers of his generation, has been taking photographs since the late 1940s. He has been a member of the prestigious Magnum agency since 1954. He has photographed all over the world and his images have been the subject of numerous books and exhibitions. Elliott Erwitt's Snaps contains over 500 images, more than half of which have never been published before, and is a unique and comprehensive survey of his work. From famous images such as Nikita Khrushchev and Richard Nixon arguing in Moscow in 1959 and Marilyn Monroe with the cast of the film The Misfits to his many more personal images of places, things, people, and animals, Erwitt's distinctive, often witty style offers a snapshot of the famous and the ordinary, the strange and the mundane over a period of more than half a century, through the lens of one of the era's finest image-makers. This specially designed Collector's Edition for Phaidon Press includes a special edition of the book, beautifully bound, individually signed and numbered, and presented in a custom box along with an original print signed and numbered by Elliott Erwitt. There are six different images by Elliott Erwitt published in Snaps, all of which are out of print with the publisher except for "New York, 1969": "Paris, 1989"; "Valencia, Spain, 1952"; "Provence, France, 1955"; "Fifth Avenue, New York, 1947"; "Marylin Monroe, New York, 1959"; and "New York, 1969."
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